5. Adding Events

Letting your community and the rest of the Yearly Meeting know what events are coming up is a good way to start a conversation.

The event calendar which appears on the right side of  every web site is shared by the entire community. What you add to the calendar will be seen by every Meeting and every Committee.

For each event it is recommended that you first create an associated post describing the event: what it is, where it is, when it is: all the details. Normally you are restricted to two or three lines on the event calendar – so those lines should be links to this more complete description.

See the comments below for more pointers.

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15 Responses to 5. Adding Events

  1. George F says:

    Do I have to have an associated post?

    • bymrsf says:

      No. It’s just a good idea if you cannot fit all your information in two short lines. But for events like the Interchange deadline for articles, it might be sufficient just to put the event on the calendar. Alternatively you might actually link to a description already on another site.

  2. George F says:

    OK. I’ve posted the information on my site. Now what?

    • bymrsf says:

      On your dashboard look on the bottom for the “Settings” tab. There should be an entry named “Add Event”. If it is not there, click on the down-arrow just to the right of the word “Settings.”
      new event

      Click on the “Add Event” tab and you should see a form for entering the event information.
      new event

      Days: This is free-form text field since sometimes the event might span more than a single day. For example, you might enter ‘Sept 30 – Oct 1”.

      Start Day: This is a numeric field used to sort the events: yyyymmdd, where yyyy is the year, ‘mm’ is the month, and ‘dd’ is the day. For example, you might enter 20100930 for the event above. Note that the event calendar only displays events in the future: you don’t have to delete an expired event.

      Scope: Here you select whether the event is only of local interest, or should be seen by everyone. Local events are highlighted differently (you can chose the background color?), and these events are only visible on your web site.

      Event Description: Here’s where you put your two or three lines. What I have been doing is:

      • First Line: This Event: Link to the post which more fully describes the event.
      • Second Line: This Person: Perhaps an email link to the person in charge
      • Third Line: This Organization: A link to your web site or the web site of the sponsoring organization.
  3. George F says:

    I don’t know how to write HTML. How do I enter the information?

    • bymrsf says:

      The editor is relatively easy to use and has two modes: visual and html. So you probably want to use the visual mode. Just enter the three suggested lines of text as you would wish them to appear on the event calendar.


      Highlight the first line and select the little ‘link’ (looks like a pair of links on a chain) symbol. A popup box appears asking for further information.


      • Link URL: this is the web address(URL) of your descriptive post.
      • Target: this should be “Open link in a new window”.
      • Class: this should be “aligncenter”

      Then click the insert button.

  4. George F says:

    How do I find the URL for my post?

    • bymrsf says:

      You should see the beginnings of your post at the top of the main page of your site. (You can open a new browser window to access your site if necessary.) Click on the title of the post, and the full post appears in your browser. The URL is now in the address bar of your browser.

  5. George F says:

    How do I format the Link URL for an email address?

    • bymrsf says:

      The second line is normally a contact person. The Link URL would be of the form: ‘mailto:webmanager@bym-rsf.net’ The Target and Class should be the same as above.

  6. George F says:

    And the organization link should be formatted like the Event Link?

  7. George F says:

    I’d like to have a button on the event list so that only local events are shown. I’m not interested in events elsewhere.

  8. Ken Stockbridge says:

    What if all I see is an HTML editor for adding events? How do I activate the visual editor? I have a visual editor for pages and posts, but not events.

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