4. Posting News

Posting news is easy way to communicate with Friends near and far. It is a way to start up a conversation, a way to share ideas, a way to crow a little about your successes. A committee meets and has an unresolved issue: post this information. The children have just returned from an outing where a weasel was spotted: post this – perhaps getting the children involved.

Go to your dashboard and find the menu item on the left entitled ‘Posts’. Make the menu drop down if you have to, and click on ‘Add New.’

Alternatively look for a button at the very top of the page called ‘New Post’ and click this. In either case you will bring up a screen titled ‘Add New Post’.

Enter a title for the post. Then click in the editor window and start typing your message. On the top of the editing window are two tabs: ‘visual’ and ‘html.’ The easiest way to enter and format your post is to use the ‘visual’ editor.

You have most of the normal formatting buttons on the top of the editing window. In addition there is one you might not be familiar with: ‘Insert More tag.’

This divides your post into two pieces: the teaser (on the top) and the body (rest of the post.) This formatting reduces the size of your main page and allows the user to see more posts close to the top.

See the comments below for more pointers.

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8 Responses to 4. Posting News

  1. George F says:

    I’ve entered my text, but I’d also like to put an image in the post.

  2. bymrsf says:

    That’s a very good idea! Images add interest, draw the eye to your post, and stand in place of yet another thousand words. First click in the text where you want the image to appear.
    image button

    Then click on the image button at the top of the editing window, hunt for an image on your computer, and let WordPress take care of the rest.

  3. George F says:

    Now what?

    • bymrsf says:

      When you are finished editing your post, click on the blue button on the right that says ‘Publish.’

      If you find a problem with your post you can always edit it and click on the ‘Update’ button when you are finished. You can edit your post as many times as necessary.

  4. George F says:

    How do I allow people to comment on my post?

    • bymrsf says:

      Easy. Below the editing window toward the bottom of the page is a button ‘Allow Comments’
      Check that box before you publish your post – or later when you are ready to update your previously published post.

  5. George F says:

    There are a few items of information that we want to restrict. That is we would like to make the information available to members of our Meeting, but hide it from the world at large. How do we do this?

    • bymrsf says:

      Above the “Publish” or “Update” button is a section called “Visibility.” Usually it says: “Visibility: Public edit”
      Select the “edit” on this section and your options will be shown.
      For example, you can select “Password Protected” for the posting and enter a secret password that you can share with members of your Meeting.

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